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    Finding Truth: Free-Loading Atheists

    Web Content Article · By amy k. hall On Jun 27, 2019 8:52 PM
    This week, we’re discussing the chapter “Free-Loading Atheists” in Nancy Pearcey’s Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Philosophy
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    Why Study Latin?

    Web Content Article · By alan shlemon On Oct 2, 2019 6:00 PM
    Learning Latin requires the skills of patience, precision, accuracy, and attention to detail, and it’s worth it! Here are five reasons why you would benefit from studying Latin.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Christian Living
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    Jesus is Jehovah

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 26, 2019 10:53 PM
    demonstrates that Jesus and the God of the Old Testament are one and the same by showing
    Media Type: Article Topic: Theology
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    #STRask: September 7, 2017

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 27, 2019 9:49 PM
    In 4 min. or less, Greg answers questions about women teaching in the church, psychopaths, Christian doctors, and Bible contradictions.
    Media Type: Podcast Podcast Feed: #STRask Topic: Theology
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    Worship Music and Aesthetics

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 27, 2019 8:50 PM
    Greg talks about worship music and aesthetics, how to respond to a friend who wants to pursue same-sex relationships, if spanking is wrong because Jesus is a pacifist, and more.
    Media Type: Podcast Podcast Feed: Stand to Reason Weekly Audio Topic: Christian Living