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    When a Mentor Walks Away from Christianity

    Web Content Article · By amy k. hall On Oct 2, 2019 6:05 PM
    It’s disorienting when a mentor walks away from Christianity; the result can be grief, confusion, doubt, and even fear that it could happen to us. Here’s how we can think more clearly about this...
    Media Type: Article Topic: Theology
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    What Do Non-Christians Think of Christians and Christianity?

    Web Content Article · By keith plummer On Feb 29, 2020 5:35 AM
    What issues tend to surface when non-Christians are asked what they think of Christians and Christianity? Dr. Plummer’s class assignment gives some insight into our culture.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Other Worldviews
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    Evolution Can’t Explain Morality

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 26, 2019 10:52 PM
    If you argue that morality evolved, you may end up saying that one “ought” to be selfish.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Philosophy
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    Was Jesus Reincarnated?

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 26, 2019 10:53 PM
    How to answer the critic who claims Jesus was reincarnated.
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    Document · By stand to reason On May 15, 2020 3:20 PM
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    Partial-Birth Abortion Is Not About Abortion

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 26, 2019 11:10 PM
    When we justify the killing of a fully human child because of severe, congenital defect, we are not making a case for abortion; we’re promoting something much more chilling.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Bioethics
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    We Live in a Very Fortunate Universe

    Web Content Article · By tim barnett On Jun 27, 2019 9:44 PM
    The finely-tuned constants and conditions of the universe had to be just right to get a universe that would permit life. Here’s a taste of some of this evidence.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Science
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    Loving Someone Doesn’t Mean Accepting Their Behavior

    Web Content Article · By alan shlemon On Jun 27, 2019 8:58 PM
    We all have people in our lives with whom we disagree. We’re against some people’s ideas. We’re against some people’s behaviors. We’re against some people’s attitudes and inclinations.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Christian Living
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    Self-Evident Truths

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 27, 2019 9:58 PM
    Many things foundational to a Christian worldview are things people already know through intuition—information built into our minds by a wise Creator. Our founding fathers called them...
    Media Type: Article Topic: Philosophy
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    Why You Should Resist Conspiracy Theories

    Web Content Article · By aaron brake On Oct 1, 2019 10:15 PM
    Because conspiracies are so notoriously difficult to execute and maintain, belief in them is nearly always unreasonable. Here’s how and why you should evaluate conspiracy theories.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Christian Living