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    Seven Apologetics Books Every Teen Should Read

    Web Content Article · By tim barnett On May 18, 2020 8:15 PM
    Have your students been exposed to the rich intellectual resources Christianity has to offer? Here’s one book for each of the seven essential apologetics topics your teen should be familiar with.
    Media Type: Article Topic: Tactics and Tools
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    Is the New Testament Text Reliable?

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Jun 26, 2019 10:52 PM
    The phrase, “The Bible’s been translated and recopied so many times...” introduces one of the most frequent canards tossed at Christians quoting the Bible. Can we know for certain that the New...
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    I Am Not Being Persecuted

    Web Content Article · By alan shlemon On Jun 27, 2019 9:43 PM
    Rather than complain that I’m being persecuted, I’ll consider it pure joy whenever I face any trial because I’m sharing in the sufferings of Christ.
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    Less Is More: A Case for the Resurrection

    Web Content Article · By alan shlemon On Jun 27, 2019 8:41 PM
    Alan’s monthly letter for July 2013 Go ahead and skip church this Sunday. No need to give thanks for your next meal. You might as well throw this letter in the trash, too.
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    Literature and the Gospels’ Genre

    Web Content Article · By melinda penner On Jun 27, 2019 8:47 PM
    C.S. Lewis is well known for being an apologist and writer. But first, he was a literature scholar.
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