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A Magisterium by Any Other Name

It's frequently said that the opposite of Christianity is not atheism, but idolatry.  In his 2006 book Catholic Matters, Richard John Neuhaus (former Lutheran) explicates this dictum's lesser-known corollary, that the opposite of the Roman Catholic Magisterium is not sola scriptura, but Concordia Seminary:

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | October 10, 2007

For the Sinner on the Go

Advertised in the latest "Communion Resources" catalog (click for full-size):

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | September 7, 2007

Overcoming History

Johannes von Döllinger, a nineteenth-century Bavarian church historian, once announced he could not accept the claims of papal infallibility made by the First Vatican Council since they included historical statements that were demonstrably false.  In response, Cardinal Henry Manning of Westminster famously declared, “We must overcome history with dogma.”

Blog Post | Theology | Derek White | August 13, 2007