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An Exciting New Journey Ahead

Brett explains his plans for MAVEN, a new organization created to help students—and those who teach and train students—know truth, pursue goodness, and create beauty.

Blog Post | Student | Brett Kunkle | August 3, 2017

Faith Does Not Save You

Are you worried that your faith is weak? Here’s an analogy to help you understand that it’s His work and strength that matters, not yours.

Blog Post | Theology | Amy K. Hall | August 2, 2017

Ambassador Wallpaper Download: Be Tactical

Download this month’s wallpaper to remind yourself to be tactical, adapting to each unique person, maneuvering with wisdom to challenge their thinking, and presenting truth compellingly.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | STR | August 1, 2017

Two Rules of Engagement When Discussing Spiritual and Moral Convictions (Video)

Tim offers tips on talking to people who disagree with you.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Tim Barnett | July 31, 2017

Is Homosexuality Natural?

The answer to this question depends on how you define “natural.”

Blog Post | Ethics | Alan Shlemon | July 28, 2017

Don’t Neglect God for the Sake of Apologetics

If you let apologetics squeeze time with God out of your life, your soul will start to starve, and the results could be disastrous.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Amy K. Hall | July 27, 2017

Counsel for Loving Same-Sex-Attracted Christians

Bekah Mason provides some helpful counsel for how Christians can love and support other Christians who experience same-sex attraction.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Melinda Penner | July 26, 2017

Living Faithfully and Fruitfully

Daniel’s experience in a foreign land provides a helpful model for living faithfully and fruitfully in a secular society.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Melinda Penner | July 25, 2017

Can Jesus Really Be God If the Father Is Greater Than the Son? (Video)

Tim addresses a common objection to the deity of Christ.

Blog Post | Theology | Tim Barnett | July 24, 2017

The Christian and Wealth: Insights from the Parable of the Unjust Steward

The parable of the unjust steward in Luke 16:1–13 provides Christians with important insights about our wealth and the Kingdom of God.

Blog Post | Theology | Brett Kunkle | July 21, 2017