Translating Truth and An Inconvenient Truth

Excerpts from Brett's and Alan’s December newsletters (posted on the website):

  • Translating Truth by Brett Kunkle: "In Romans 10:17, Paul writes that 'faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.' He didn’t mean faith comes from merely hearing audible sounds. By 'hearing' Paul means understanding. We must understand the truth of Christ before it can impact our faith in Christ. To be transformed by a message, we must understand it. To understand a message, it must be translated into a language we know. Even God’s Word, originally written in different languages, must be translated. However, if the rendering is done poorly, the message gets lost in translation and its impact thwarted." (Read more)
  • An Inconvenient Truth for the Gay Rights Movement by Alan Shlemon: "You know the gay rights narrative. Homosexuals are born that way, change is impossible, and their behavior is morally permissible. For those who believe in a higher power, God made them gay and loves them that way. Homosexuals should find moral parity with the plight of African Americans during their struggle for civil rights…. But there’s an inconvenient truth that won’t go away: Homosexuals can change. Gay rights activists will stop at nothing to prevent this belief from becoming widespread. It’s the one fact that undermines the entire homosexual narrative." (Read more)

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