Three Free Video Series from Ligonier

Ligonier, R.C. Sproul’s ministry, has some free online video series available. Here are three that will be helpful to you as an apologist (each of these has six lectures):

  • The Mystery of the Trinity: “Many of us, when asked about the Trinity, unknowingly offer heretical answers. Yet a proper understanding of this doctrine is essential to the health and welfare of the church. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul gives a sweeping overview of this important doctrine, explaining difficult concepts, exploring biblical teaching, and defining what the term mystery means.”
  • The Holiness of God: “The Holiness of God examines the meaning of holiness and why people are both fascinated and terrified by a holy God. This series closely explores God’s character, leading to new insights on sin, justice, and grace. The result is a new awareness of our dependence upon God’s mercy and a discovery of the awesomeness of His majestic holiness. Dr. R.C. Sproul says, ‘The holiness of God affects every aspect of our lives — economics, politics, athletics, romance — everything with which we are involved.’”

    [Incidentally, I recommend Sproul’s book by that same name to apologists more often than any other book. I think it’s the key to a multitude of apologetics subjects.]
  • The Cross of Christ: “In The Cross of Christ, Dr. Sproul discusses the saving work of the Son of God. Unfolding the drama of redemption revealed in the Old Testament, R.C. highlights humanity’s great need for salvation and communicates the way the Cross fulfills that need. And he explains the certainty of redemption for those whom God draws to the Cross. The Cross of Christ will increase your understanding of history’s pivotal event — and your ability to communicate that event’s crucial implications.”

There are many more teaching series, as well. Search the free ones, or browse them all. Each series has at least one free lecture.


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