The Harvest Is Waiting

Michael Sherrard of Ratio Christi has some good words for 2014:

Christians living in an age of skepticism and individualism without the knowledge of the essential truths of their faith is a recipe for sure disaster. In response, Christian education should be, perhaps, the highest priority for the church in 2014. Christians must be taught and not just given opportunities to experience God. Indeed, they must be given a right understanding of who God is so that they might know Him rightly, experience Him truly, and, therefore, serve Him faithfully.

This observation does not put knowing God on a higher plane than experiencing Him. For one cannot know God unless they experience Him, and one cannot experience God unless He is known. Knowledge and experience are different sides of the same coin. They need not be pitted against one another. They are not opposites. They are each a part of one thing: being in communion with God.

Christians need, and, interestingly enough, desire to know God deeply with their mind. Let us satisfy that desire. Let us train them. Let us teach them. Let us show them that their faith is not placed in a cleverly invented story. Let us equip them with the knowledge of God, the reasons for Christian faith, and the relational skills needed to proclaim the gospel and defend the faith. A passionate army is waiting to be trained. Diligent laborers are ready to go. Let us put them to work. The harvest is waiting.

Amen. Happy New Year!


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