Speaking Truth in Love to Mormons | The Right Question about Evolution

Brett’s and Alan’s May newsletters are now posted on the website:

  • Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons by Brett Kunkle: “Mormons often take offense at any suggestion they are not Christians. But according to official LDS teaching, this is exactly their view of us. Mormons believe we are part of an “abominable” church founded by Satan (I Nephi 22:13 & I Nephi 13:5-6). So when they take offense, I ask them why. When they respond with some version of, “You think we are wrong,” I gently remind them this is precisely the view they have of me. And I quickly add I am not in the least bit offended. Why not? Because I want the truth. If my views about God and the Gospel are wrong, I want to know.” (Read more.)
  • Ask the Right Question about Evolution by Alan Shlemon: “Evolution can be overwhelming. It draws upon evidence from multiple disciplines: geology, paleontology, genetics, chemistry, and others. It’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why I suggest using an easy, yet powerful tactic to help handle this issue.” (Read more.)

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