reTHINK Recap | What Does Islam Say about Jihad?

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  • reTHINK Student Conference by Brett Kunkle: “[A]fter adding walk-ups, sponsors, staff, and other guests, almost 1,100 people attended this year’s reTHINK…. Why has there been such a tremendous response? Because students are hungry for the truth…. At reTHINK, no question was off limits. We covered relativism, same-sex marriage, God’s existence, pornography, evolution, the Bible, science, and much more. We let students ask their toughest questions at the conference and even set up a live online Q&A event for the following week so students could continue to pursue God’s truth. We want students to see that because Christianity is true, they have nothing to fear. Objections can be dealt with, questions can be answered, and exploring our doubts can eventually lead us to greater faith in Christ.” (Read more)
  • Are We at War with Muslims? by Alan Shlemon: “Besides the September 11 attacks, there have been riots, bombings, and beheadings all done in the name of Islam. Are the perpetrators of this violence not following true Islam? What do we make of Islamic leaders who decry the violence of jihadists? How do we make sense of the contradictory claims by Islamic spokesmen? Will the real Islam please stand up? I use a simple tactic to help me sort through the confusion. If I want to know whether a teaching or behavior is truly Islamic, I ask a simple question: Is it based on authoritative sources in Islam? There are three primary sources.” (Read more)

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