Rethink Conference in Three Weeks

The Rethink Apologetics Conference for students (and their parents and youth leaders) is coming up in Orange County in just three weeks. Here’s an overview of the plenary sessions:

John Stonestreet: It Matters What You Believe (Maybe More Than You Think)
Brett Kunkle
: If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil and Suffering?
Scott Klusendorf
: Equipped to Engage: Making the Case for Life on Hostile Turf
J. Warner Wallace
: Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
Alan Shlemon
: A Closer Look at Islam
Brett Kunkle
: Your Turn: The Role-Play Challenge

There are several breakout and Q&A sessions, as well (including one by Greg on the topic of tolerance). You can see all the topics and speakers here.

One of Alan’s topics at the conference is Islam—a subject most of us know little about, unfortunately. And I say “unfortunately” because of these opening words from Alan’s booklet, The Ambassador’s Guide to Islam:

I recently drove to a Muslim neighborhood near Los Angeles. The falafel shops and Arabic script made it obvious I was in the right place. I parked, walked up to a Muslim, and said, “Hi, I’m a Christian. Would you like to talk about God, Jesus, and the Bible?” His response was, “Sure. Sit down and let’s talk.”

Contrast my experience with what would happen if I walked up to a non-Muslim and asked the same question. The likely response would be, “Umm…no thanks. Go away!”

Compared to the average non-Muslim, most Muslims love talking about religion. This is good news. It makes it easy to start religious conversations. And since one in every five people on the planet is a Muslim, there are plenty of opportunities.

They’re ready and willing to talk to us about Jesus, so give your students the opportunity to learn how!

Review the info and register here.


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