New Addition to the Quick-Reference App

We’ve just added an “Intolerance of Tolerance” module to our Quick-Reference App. If you’re not familiar with the app (which, if you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, is also available online in any web browser), each module contains a collection of short videos training you in the basics of the topic. In the latest module: What is our culture’s view of tolerance, what is true tolerance, and how can you respond when someone accuses you of intolerance?

Here are the other topics available in the app:

  • Ambassador Model – If you’re a follower of Christ, you’re His ambassador. Learn about the three qualities of an effective ambassador.
  • Who’s Waiting for You? – Students, how can you prepare to face the multiple competing—and sometimes hostile—worldviews in the university and beyond?
  • Tactics – Take the fear out of apologetics. Learn how to put your knowledge to good use in productive and engaging conversations.
  • Mormonism – What’s the Mormon view of God? The Christian view of the Trinity? How does the Mormon gospel differ from the Christian one? Learn about Mormon theology, and get practical advice on how to discuss theological differences with your Latter-day Saint friend.
  • Same-Sex Marriage ­– What is marriage? What’s wrong with same-sex marriage? This module clarifies the issue and helps you respond to nine popular arguments for same-sex marriage.
  • S.L.E.D. Test – Learn how to make a simple argument against abortion.

Download the Quick-Reference App here.


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