The Most Compelling Evidence for the Resurrection

For me, the most compelling evidence for the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is the testimony of the disciples, since “…men will not suffer martyrdom for myths they make up themselves.” Here is the way I put it in “Four Facts” in The Story of Reality:

What would transform a group of shivering, shaking, terrified men who had abandoned Jesus—one even denying he knew Him—scattered, hiding from the authorities, doors locked, lights out? What could account for their transformation into bold advocates for the resurrection, standing up to authorities who threatened to scourge, imprison, and execute them for declaring a risen Christ?

What would change Saul of Tarsus, a man so dedicated to his religion he rounded up men and women to be bullied, beaten, and killed for following Jesus? What would cause such a man to turn on a dime and take his place with those he oppressed, eventually sacrificing his own life for the very Gospel he previously despised? What best explains that?

Only one answer will do. It is the answer given by the one who had earlier renounced Christ with an oath. In Peter’s words, “This Jesus, God raised up again, to which we are all witnesses” (Acts 2:32).

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Greg Koukl