Inconsistent Pro-Lifers? & Apologetics Mission Trips

Alan’s and Brett’s January newsletters are now posted on the website:

  • Pro-Life Killing: An Oxymoron? by Alan Shlemon: “Many [pro-choicers] believe pro-lifers are being inconsistent. They claim that if we believe the unborn is a human being like every other person, then killing an abortion doctor wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. After all, their reasoning goes, if a man attempts to kill a toddler, deadly force might be justified to defend the child. Therefore, if we believe the unborn is morally equivalent to a toddler, then killing a doctor before they perform an abortion may be a permissible defensive act…. But pro-lifers neither advocate nor condone killing abortion doctors. This fact, abortion-choice advocates believe, betrays our true beliefs: We don’t think the unborn are true human beings. Therefore, we’re either inconsistent or we don’t believe what we say about the unborn. I disagree…. [D]efending a toddler with deadly force is not parallel to defending the unborn with deadly force. Three differences come to mind.” (Read more)
  • Getting Students off the Sidelines and into the Game by Brett Kunkle: “When we create opportunities for students to engage, there is a vibrancy that infuses the events. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Christianity is not a spectator sport. Our teaching should not remain in a classroom or behind the four walls of the church. If we want to train students who can defend the faith not just intelligently but passionately, we need to get them in the game. Think about any sports teams. It’s the starters who are the most passionate about the game, right?... I think that’s one reason why our mission trips to Berkeley and Utah are exciting and successful. They get students in the game.” (Read more)

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