How Will Same-Sex Marriage Hurt You?

For those who ask, "How will same-sex marriage hurt me?," for starters note New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Bossin's sobering admission of the sacrifice of religious freedom and personal liberties, two of the three casualties of this experiment of social engineering by the Left (the other being parental rights).

Religious liberty:

  • Bossin's redefinition of the 1st Amendment as something that happens in our "personal lives" vs. our public conduct
  • The court's ruling that citizens' religious liberty amounts to expression and telling and thinking, not living:  People "are free to express their religious beliefs and tell Willock or anyone else what they think about same-sex relationships and same-sex ceremonies."

Personal liberty

  • The redefinition of "respect" and "tolerance" as participation in that which one objects to
  • The idea that if we don't participate in things that violate our conscience, then we do not "leave space for other Americans who believe something different"


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Greg Koukl