How Do You Engage in Conversation with a Christian Anarchist? (Video)

Greg discusses where to begin in conversation with someone who identifies as a Christian anarchist.


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Somebody has been having a conversation with a person who identifies himself or herself as a Christian Anarchist and wants to know how to proceed effectively. An anarchist is someone who does not believe in government, broadly. I don’t know the nature of this particular anarchist, but taking the notion at face value, doesn’t it seem like a contradiction in terms? 

Christians are Disciples of Christ. Christians are followers, under somebody else. Christians are not only under Christ, but Christ also came proclaiming the Kingdom of God, the King over His domain. That’s law and authority. 

The Christian is someone who has come back under the government of God as it’s appropriately construed in the new covenant. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. From the beginning of the story, we have a King and His domain, a Kingdom. That’s the basic theme of the Bible. The Kingdom suffered a rift when Adam disobeyed God and went off on his own. Adam became an Anarchist, out from under the authority of God. 

The appeal of the entire Bible is an appeal for restoration for that relationship: man under God’s authority back in the Kingdom of God. We are called back to the Kingdom first by walking through the door Christ provides. We are rebels in need of forgiveness, and we get forgiveness through Jesus and back under the authority of God. 

Christians can’t be anarchists by definition because they are under God’s authority. Somebody might say that’s God’s authority, not man’s authority. Where did government come from? God ordains governments for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right, among other things. Governments aren’t just out there somewhere doing their own thing. God gave governments. That’s why we’re told over and over again in the Bible to submit to authority so you can do the right thing. 

The nature of Christianity is to be under authority, first under God’s authority then those authorities that He has ordained like government, parents, pastors, etc. We have, throughout scripture, references to authority we should be under, and one of those authorities is government. There are some exceptions, but in general, we are to obey. There are different kinds of authority that represent the authority of God. Christian Anarchist? I don’t get it.

Greg Koukl