Get to Know a Former Homosexual

The American Psychological Association rejected the idea that homosexuals can change their same-sex attractions and become heterosexual. Wow, big surprise. I thought they said that years ago.

For some time now, the pro-homosexual community has suggested that people should meet a gay man or woman and become friends with them to better understand them.

I've done this.

But the people who deny that homosexuals can change should follow their own advice. Instead of repeating the slogan that "Homosexuals can't change" over and over again, they should meet a former homosexual and become friends with them. They should get to know them personally and learn about their life.

I've done this too.

To the thousands of people who are friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and children of former homosexuals, it looks rather foolish to see people deny that these former homosexuals are real.

Alan Shlemon