February Newsletters: Columbo, Evolution, and Adam

Alan’sTim’s, and Brett’s February newsletters are now posted on the website:

  • The Gospel According to Columbo by Alan Shlemon: “At Stand to Reason, we’ve always been intrigued by Columbo’s inquisitive style and believe it’s a powerful way to engage people. Here’s what I believe he’d say if he were to present the Gospel. He’d ask three questions. Do you believe people who commit moral crimes ought to be punished? Have you ever committed a moral crime? Would you like to be pardoned? Let’s look at the reasoning behind each question.” (Read more.)
  • Was Adam a Real Person? by Tim Barnett: “What’s at stake in denying the historicity of an original Adam? Theistic evolutionists insist that there is no great loss. For instance, in his book Evolutionary Creation, Denis Lamoureux states, ‘My central conclusion in this book is clear: Adam never existed, and this fact has no impact whatsoever on the foundational beliefs of Christianity.’ I adamantly disagree. In fact, I believe that there are serious consequences in rejecting Adam as a historical person.” (Read more.) 
  • Students Don’t Have to Be Intimidated by Evolution by Brett Kunkle: “Christian students are often intimidated by Darwin’s theory. When their high school biology teacher or college professor covers evolution, they cower. They feel ill-equipped to counter the scientific case for evolution. They don’t even know where to begin. So I give them a simple starting point: define evolution.” (Read more.)

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