Every Worldview Needs a Good Story

The recent debate over evolution among Kansas school authorities has proponents of evolution attempting to redefine science to exclude any form of intelligent design. It reminds me how desperate naturalists are to ensure their story of creation wins.

Naturalism needs evolution to be true. Why? Evolution is naturalism's creation story and every worldview needs a creation story to be considered credible. Without it, naturalists are left without an explanation of how life on earth emerged.

Prior to the mid 1800s, naturalists were without a satisfactory creation story. Then came Darwin and the evolutionary story. Naturalists embraced the idea that species could arise by blind and random forces. It fit their view of the world. Now they had a creation story that gave credibility to their worldview. That's why Richard Dawkins said Darwin "made it safe to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." Darwin gave atheists confidence their worldview was true.

Naturalists are counting on evolution to be true. They need it to be true. For them, it's the only game in town. There are no other possible creation options for the naturalist. Perhaps that's why, as evolutionist Richard Lewontin puts it, they have a "willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense?"

While naturalists are forced to accept only one explanation for the existence of the biological realm, Christians have the freedom to follow the evidence where it leads. For example, Christians see how mutation or natural selection play a role in biology, but can still recognize design where it's evident in molecular machines. The naturalistic worldview restricts this kind of conclusion, but Christian theism gives us a better chance at making sense of the world we live in.

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Melinda Penner