Doesn't Funding ESCR Force Us to Participate? (Part 1)

"Imagine what it's like to open the newspaper (as I did Friday morning) and read that scientists in South Korea have made a huge breakthrough toward curing a disease that is slowly wrecking your life. But your own government is trying to prevent that cure.? ? Michael Kinsley, L.A. Times, May 22, 2005

Multiple choice question for Michael Kinsley:

Which is worse?

a) The government decides not to fund research that might cure you but always kills human embryos.

b) The government forces me to support research with my tax dollars, even though I have good reason to believe that the embryos that are being killed are human beings that matter.

Since Mr. Kinsley may have trouble answering, let me oblige him. The government has only two choices: it can either fund ESCR and force me to participate in killing human beings or it can decide to withhold funding. If the status of embryos is so contested, isn't it better to leave funding to the private sector than to force me to participate? Shouldn't I have a choice? Why are ESCR advocates so pro-choice on killing embryos for research, but so anti-choice when I don't want to participate?

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Melinda Penner