Do We Worship the Same God? & Get Rid of Faith

Brett’s and Alan’s February newsletters are up on the website:

  • We Need to Get Rid of Faith by Brett Kunkle: “In today’s culture, the word ‘faith’ comes with too much baggage. For many, faith is a blind, arbitrary leap in the dark that has no relationship to reason, evidence, or knowledge. So let me make a suggestion. Let’s use the word ‘trust’ instead. ‘Trust’ accurately communicates the biblical idea of faith. In addition, it helps us reunite true faith with reason, evidence, and knowledge. Why? Because we know people only put their trust in what they have good reason to believe is true.” (Read more)
  • Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? by Alan Shlemon: “We need to recognize that ‘God’ is not God’s name. It’s more like the title of a position. The position is a what, but the person who fills that position is a who. It’s helpful to think of it as a public office. The president, for example, is the title of a position, but a unique person occupies that office and fulfills its duties. In the same way, God is the title of the position or office. Both Christians and Muslims believe in the same what – a God whose duties include things like creating, receiving worship, and judging. They differ on who they believe is the person who occupies that position. Muslims believe that person is Allah and Christians believe it is Yahweh.” (Read more)

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