CrossExamined Instructor Academy 2014

On the show today, Greg will be talking with Frank Turek about this year’s CrossExamined Instructor Academy (August 14-16):

CIA is an intense three-day program where you will learn how to present I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist—which involves four main topics: Truth, God, Miracles and the New Testament—and how to answer questions about those topics in a hostile environment. During those three days, in addition to hearing lectures and participating in discussions, you will be asked to present a portion of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist and answer questions from several instructors including Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, Richard Howe, [Brett Kunkle, J. Warner Wallace,] and others.

There will be a couple of changes from past years:

Prior to 2013, all students attended the same teaching sessions.  This year each student will be able to choose from a series of breakout sessions, and then will have two opportunities to present to CIA instructors. We have made this change for two reasons.

First, presenting is more difficult to master than content. You can learn content by reading books and watching lectures, but learning to present that content takes actual practice before qualified instructors. So we want to spend a bit more time honing your presentation skills than we have in the past.

Second, breakout sessions provide several advantages including the opportunity to learn new content, go deeper into the arguments, and ask questions. It will also provide CIA graduates who attend again to learn some new material and tactics.

Read more about CIA and apply here.


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