Classical Christian Education

On the radio program Sunday, Greg hosted two guests who are headmasters of local classical Christian schools.  The philosophy and vision of this kind of education is inspired by Dorothy L. Sayers' (one of the Inklings and author) essay "The Lost Tools of Learning."  She describes a method of educating children that takes into account three development levels and building their knowledge as their progress like building blocks, from one stage to the next developing their understanding and thinking.  And it's amazing how children can learn using this method.

What became clear listening to the headmasters is that the goal is to educate clear-thinking Christian students, which is STR's goal focused on adults.  Imagine what children raised to think and communicate clearly can do for God's Kingdom. 

You can listen to the interview.

The guests were Liz Caddow from Trinity Classical Academy and Devin Smith from Beacon Hill Classical Academy.

You can find out more about this model of education The Association of Classic and Christian Schools, and from Douglas Wilson's book The Case for Classical and Christian Schools.

Melinda Penner