Challenge: The Collection of Books in the Bible Changed Until the Printing Press

Here’s another challenge from the Truth Saves website:

If you're a Christian why do you worship the scriptures in the current Bible and not those that are left out? … [T]he Bible had a long history of changes before becoming the collection of books that Christians worship today. Entire books have been removed or added during the Bible's history and entire generations of Christians have devoted their faith and lives to earlier versions of the Bible which contained a various different collection of books and teachings. The Bible only became relatively consistent in its current form because of the 15th century invention of the printing press which mass produced copies of the current collection of books.

How would you respond to this challenge? Give us your answer in the comments below, and come back to the blog on Thursday to hear Tim’s answer.

[Update: View Tim's video response. Explore past challenges here and here.]


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