Challenge: The Bible Only Mentions Homosexuality Six Times

In an article about Fuller Seminary's new student group, OneTable, created to be “a safe place for dialogue between LGBTQ students and the wider Fuller community," a student explains the shift in her beliefs about homosexuality:

In a blog post from this past spring, OneTable’s former president—simply identified as “Samantha”—shared her personal story of growing up as a Christian, but eventually becoming more tolerant of the homosexual lifestyle. Through a week-long FTS/Young Life “ethics course,” she came to doubt her long-held belief that “being gay was a sin.”

“I was shocked, absolutely floored,” she wrote about the ethics course, “to learn that the Bible only explicitly references homosexuality six times in both testaments combined. What!?!? How had no one ever told me that? I felt slighted by my faith communities and by the guidance and teachings they had offered me. When we watched For the Bible Tells Me So, I was moved to tears by the hatred and intolerance the gay community had suffered in the hands of the Church.”

If this article is accurate, Samantha found the argument that "the Bible only references homosexuality six times" to be paradigm-shifting. There is much one can say to this. And while I think there are simple explanations as to why this shouldn't have changed her mind, I'm not just interested in hearing your answer to this objection, I'm also interested in hearing how you would respond to Samantha in particular. What would you explain to her, and how would you do it? Just going by the quote, there is clearly more going on with Samantha than just the idea that the Bible doesn't bring up the issue of homosexuality very often.

Remember that in this case, you're speaking to someone who is attending a seminary, so I think it would also be helpful to address the view of sexuality expressed throughout the Bible.

Let's hear how you would graciously respond to Samantha, and then Alan will give his video response on Thursday.

[Update: View the video response from Alan. Explore past challenges here and here.]


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