Challenge: Pro-Choicers, Not Pro-Lifers, Decrease Abortion

The challenge this week comes from an article titled "How I Lost Faith in the Pro-Life Movement":

Why did I stop identifying as pro-life? Quite simply, I learned that increasing contraceptive use, not banning abortion, was the key to decreasing the number of abortions. Given that the pro-life movement focuses on banning abortion and is generally opposed [to] advocating greater contraceptive use, I knew that I no longer fit. I also knew that my biggest allies in decreasing the number of abortions were those who supported increased birth control use – in other words, pro-choice progressives. And so I stopped calling myself pro-life.

Are you making a mistake by taking the pro-life position? Would you actually be more pro-life if you were pro-choice? How would you respond to this challenge? Make your case in the comments below, and then on Thursday, Alan will post his response.

[Update: View the video response from Alan. Explore past challenges here and here.]


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