Challenge: Jesus Wasn’t Crucified or Resurrected

This week’s challenge is an argument against the resurrection:

Jesus wasn’t Crucified or Resurrected.

Christianity relies on the gory death of an innocent man. However, there are reasons to disregard its claim as an absurdity. The Bible is inconsistent in its description of the crucifixion. There is no independent attestations that it was a historical event. There was no need to sacrifice Jesus because the people were already forgiven. Early manuscripts do not contain the passion narrative. Many early Christians did not believe in the crucifixion. In short, there is no proof.

This challenge is half historical and half theological. Is there evidence for the resurrection? Was there a need for Christ’s sacrifice? In the comments below, tell us how you would respond, and then come back on Thursday to hear Brett’s answer.

[Update: View Brett’s video response. Explore past challenges here and here.]

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Amy K. Hall