Challenge: Jesus Wasn’t a Very Nice Guy

This week’s challenge comes from “10 Reasons Why Christianity Makes No Sense”:

Jesus wasn’t a very nice guy. American Christians talk a lot about so-called family values, but that concept doesn’t have much, if any, basis in the actual story of Christ. Jesus demanded that his disciples abandon their families and save all of their devotion for him and him alone – a rather narcissistic and not particularly family-centric expectation…seeming to be in direct contradiction to the commandment about honoring thy mother and father.

To be fair, I think churches often do put more emphasis on “family-centric expectations” than on the person of Jesus, so I can appreciate her confusion at trying to match up the Jesus of the Gospels with what she’s heard in churches. But on top of that, I think she may be importing an atheist’s view of Jesus into the Gospels, and surprise! The story doesn’t make sense with a human-only Jesus. That’s because the story isn’t about a human-only Jesus, and it can only possibly make sense as a story if we try to understand it on its own terms. (For more on the problem with atheists doing this, see here.)

All that having been said, how would you answer this challenge? Leave your comments below, and then come back here on Thursday to hear Brett’s response.

[Update: View Brett's video response. Explore past challenges here and here.]


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