Challenge: The Holy Spirit Was Invented to Save Monotheism

This week, we have a Trinity-related challenge from “1332 Reasons Christianity Is False”:

A few decades after Jesus died, Christianity ran into a problem. The Apostle Paul as well as the Gospel of John made Jesus into a god himself and left congregants with the impression that there were two gods, the Father and the Son. Thus, Christianity was beginning to lose the mantle of being monotheistic and thereby risking the denigration of being compared to the polytheistic pagan religions.

The solution to a problem often creates an even bigger problem and that, it can be argued, is just what happened. Straining to find (or create) scripture to support a synthesis of the gods into a single entity, the idea of the trinity was born. Because the scriptures clearly defined Jesus and the Father as being separate beings, both in the image of human males, a ‘glue’ was needed to fuse them into a single consciousness. Thus the Holy Spirit was invented.

If you ask 100 Christians to define the Holy Spirit, you will get 100 answers because the scriptures provide no description. All Christians could do was to point to one scripture that hinted at this third divine being, Matthew 28:19…. It is likely that this scripture was a later edit and was not part of the original text….

How could one-third of God be left out of the Old Testament and be so thinly mentioned in the New Testament?

Give us your response in the comments below, and then come back on Tuesday to hear Tim’s answer.

[Update: View Tim's video response. Explore past challenges here and here.]

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Amy K. Hall