Challenge: God Is Only Forgiving When He Smells Blood?

Here’s a challenge from a Hindu:

So let me get this straight: the rules are that if people screw up, they have to brutally murder an innocent animal. God is omnipotent, so presumably these are his rules. But it’s been changed. Because a couple thousand years ago humans killed a man in one of the most savage manners imaginable it was enough sacrifice for everyone for all time. What I don’t understand is why a sacrifice was necessary at all. God is only in a forgiving mood when he smells fresh blood?

This is obviously a huge topic—sin, evil, God’s holiness, justice, and more are involved with this one. How would you go about responding to it? Tell us what you would say in the comments below, and Brett will be here on Thursday to respond to this challenge.

[Update: View Brett's video response. Explore past challenges here and here.]


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