Challenge: Christians Who Benefit from Science Are Hypocritical

In this week’s challenge, Christians are accused of teaching that “science and progress is wicked”:

As a Christian, you are taught to largely disregard science and progress as it comes from the minds of fallen and sinful men. Instead, the bible which is seen as “god’s word” is held up as the only truth. Thus, when scientific discoveries contradict biblical myths, the Christian is expected to ignore the scientific view in place of stories they themselves would consider mythical if espoused by other faiths. At the same time, Christians are quite happy to reap the benefits of scientific discovery when it suits them. It’s genuinely comical to see Christians using the internet, a product of science and technology, to try and undermine the importance of science. Christians also own computers, drive cars, visit the doctor, use mobile phones and then turn around and say that science and progress is wicked and that man’s wisdom is “foolish.”

How would you respond to this challenge? What is the Christian view of science? How does science fit into a Christian worldview? Why don’t Christians have a problem with technology? Do Christians “undermine the importance of science”? Tell us what you think in the comments below, then come back on Thursday to hear what Tim has to say.

[Update: View Tim's video response. Explore past challenges here and here.]


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Amy K. Hall