Challenge: A Real God Would Have Protected the Original Gospel Manuscripts

From “862 Reasons Christianity Is False” (formerly known on this blog as “463 Reasons Christianity Is False”—it’s been growing):

Christians claim that God directly inspired the authors of the gospel books, even to the point of dictating each word, so as to make the text inerrant. But if God was so concerned about getting the historical record of Jesus’s ministry correct, why would he have allowed those original, and supposedly inerrant manuscripts to be lost for the generations of Christians to come? Why would he not have protected these documents to ensure there would be no ambiguity as to the ultimate truths he was trying to convey. The loss of the original manuscripts is entirely consistent with a human-inspired product, not one overseen by an unlimited deity.

Does his conclusion follow from our loss of the original manuscripts? Can you think of any reasons why God might not have wanted us to have the original manuscripts forever? Answer this challenge in the comments below, and then come back here on Thursday to hear what Alan has to say.

[Update: View Alan's video response. Explore past challenges here and here.]


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