Ask Questions

Greg sums up five pieces of helpful advice for talking to others about controversial topics in this month’s mentoring letter. The whole thing is worth a read, but I wanted to highlight his first point, which I’ve always found to be the #1 most helpful apologetics tip:

Ask Questions. Lots of them. Your first step in any encounter should be to gather as much information as possible. It’s hard to know how to proceed—or even if to proceed—unless you first get the lay of the land. You need “intel,” so to speak, and friendly queries get it for you.

When you need to buy some time to catch your wits, ask a question. When you face a challenge you’re not sure how to deal with, ask a question. When the conversation bogs down and you think it best to move in a new direction, ask a question. Whenever you’re in doubt about how to move forward, ask a question.

Read his other four recommendations here. It isn’t enough for us to just know information. The point of all of our apologetics learning is to glorify God by telling others about Him in a clear and compelling way, and Greg’s simple advice will help you do that.

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Amy K. Hall