Alan Chambers’s View Is Clear

If you doubt whether Alan Chambers has abandoned the biblical view of sex, homosexuality, and marriage, then read this interview. Here are a few excerpts, but you can read the whole thing (which is rather short) for context and more.

  • “As a man who has same-sex attractions who has an orientation that is gay…”
  • “I do not think changing your orientation is something anyone experiences.”
  • “If your biblical understanding of sexuality is such that gay is not something that you can reconcile, I don’t think that straight is better.”
  • “I do believe that same-sex relationship [sic] can be holy.”
  • “I think same-sex marriages can reflect, and often do, God’s image.”

This post is not a refutation of his views. I’ve made my concerns about this kind of thinking clear in this and this Solid Ground. My point here is to make believers aware of his views as media attention will increase now that his book is out.


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