A Visual Guide to the Unborn

A new iBook is a really stunning tool to show the unborn.  Conception to Birth: The Visual Guide to Your Pregnancy uses photography and animation to go into the womb and follow the developmen of the pre-born.  You can view and rotate 3D images, interact with the pictures to get more information, and play video of very high quality. 

The book is published by The Visual M.D.  It's not necessarily a pro-life book.  There's one spot in the text where the unborn child is refered to as the "child to be."  And medication is recommended to calm the mother and prepare for birth.  These are small portions of the entire book.

What you can't ignore are the pictures that introduce you to a precious unborn human person.

The images show you the progression from fertizational to birth.  It illustrations in remarkable pictures that development of the baby in the early stages when many are being abortion. (It does not mention abortion or show images of abortion.)  It introduces us to the reality of the child that is at stake in aboriton.

Evem though the child may not look "human" at the early stages, it's what a human being looks like at that stage of development - just like the elderly person doesn't look like he did as a child.  But it shows the consistent development from beginning to birth and illustrates that there's no differentiation at any point after fertilization that makes it any more human than it is from that intial moment.

It's a beautiful book with remarkable images that help answer the only question that matters:  What is the unborn? 

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Melinda Penner