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Why You Should Care about Islam

Alan's monthly letter for June 2009 Dear Friend, Muslims are the largest unreached people group in the world. Of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, 38,000 die every day and enter eternity without Jesus. Any Christian concerned with the Great Commission should therefore care about Islam. It’s the belief system that’s holding one in every five people on earth captive.

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

Pro-Life Is an Action, Not Just an Attitude

Alan's monthly letter for May 2009 Dear Friend, Every day, Americans are killing their children and we’re not doing enough to stop it. Although approximately 200 million Americans are Christian and most of those Christians are pro-life, we’re not having an impact that’s proportionate to our numbers. The problem is many Christians are pro-life in attitude, but not in action. They oppose women aborting their unborn children, but they do nothing to stop the killing.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

Sticks and Stones

Alan's monthly letter for April 2009 Dear Friend, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Though I haven’t said that childhood phrase in a long time, it’s as true today as it was years ago on the playground. It still teaches us a valuable lesson: Don’t let name-calling get to you. One might think adults don’t call people names. Sure they do. They just disguise it by using more “sophisticated” terms.

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

The Slippery Slope of the Right-to-Die Movement

Alan's monthly letter for March 2009 Dear Friend, There’s one fact about you I’m sure of: even though you’ll live forever, someday your earthly body will die. But that’s not really a problem. The real concern is that you may not die instantly. You might linger on after an accident or disease and someone else will be responsible for your care. And if right-to-die advocates have their way, you’ll have a duty to die – a moral obligation to kill yourself.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

The Final Nail in the Embryonic Stem Cell Coffin

What do Nancy Reagan, Michael J. Fox, Mary Tyler Moore, and Christopher Reeve all have in common? They have all aggressively promoted embryonic stem cell research (ESCR). And why not? Scientists believe embryonic stem cells hold the potential to cure diseases like Parkinson’s, cancer, blindness, and countless other conditions. Who wouldn’t want that? There’s one critical problem. ESCR kills human embryos. This doesn’t bother many scientists who disqualify unborn human beings from personhood: Kill the human embryos. Get their stem cells. Do the research.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

Teaching Muslims the Identity of Jesus...from the Qur'an

Alan's monthly letter for September 2008 Dear Friend, Which of these statements is taught in the Qur’an?

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

Apologetics Doesn't Have to Be a Slug Fest

Alan's monthly letter for May 2008 Dear Friend, “An argument is not argumentative,” I told a university audience of 1,200 students and faculty. “An argument is simply an opinion with evidence or reasons to back it up.” When you make an argument, you’re not bickering or being mean-spirited – you’re simply offering your view and reasons for it.

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

Making Bioethics One Step Easier

Alan's monthly letter for April 2008 Dear Friend,

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

Abortion Is Not a Complex Moral Issue

Alan's monthly letter for January 2008 Dear Friend, Emotional? Yes. Controversial? Yes. Complex? Not really. Abortion is a straightforward issue. There’s only one question to resolve for both sides of the debate. Once answered, the only option is to do the right thing.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013

Christians Killing Their Children?

Alan's monthly letter for November 2007 Dear Friend, Followers of Jesus Christ are killing their unborn children. Christians in your church and mine are having abortions. What is going on?

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | April 20, 2013