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What Does It Mean to Have Conversational Character? (Video)

Alan explains what it means to have good character when engaging in conversations regarding ethics, faith, and values.   

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | June 2, 2014

Should American Christians Retreat from the Same-sex Marriage Issue? (April 14, 2014)

Alan responds to the challenge that American Christians should retreat from the same-sex marriage issue because it’s unwinnable for them.

Podcast Episode | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | April 14, 2014

Ripple Effect

Alan's monthly letter for April 2014 We have only one lifetime to make a difference for eternity. It’s not always easy to measure our impact, but sometimes we get a peek. My friends in British Columbia, Canada had longed to invite me to their church. Believers in their country face many challenges to their Christian convictions, and they were concerned about the apathy they encountered when trying to get people more active defending their faith.

Article | Miscellaneous | Alan Shlemon | April 1, 2014

The S.L.E.D. Test

The SLED Test is a simple argument against abortion. The pro-life view is that the unborn are human beings just like you and me. That’s why it’s wrong to kill them. Although many abortion-choice advocates agree the unborn are human, they deny they are valuable human beings. They think this distinction justifies killing the unborn. Often they use personhood language to express this view. They say the unborn might be human, but it’s not a person.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | March 13, 2014

How many babies have you adopted? (January 30, 2014)

Alan answers the challenge from abortion-choice advocates who ask pro-lifers, “How many babies have you adopted? Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | January 30, 2014

Pro-life Killing: An Oxymoron? (January 16, 2014)

Alan answers the question of whether killing an abortionist to protect the unborn is parallel to killing a person who attempts to murder a toddler. Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | January 16, 2014

Pro-Life Killing: An Oxymoron?

Alan's monthly letter for January 2014 On May 1, 2009, Scott Roeder walked into Reformation Lutheran Church, pulled out a gun, and shot George Tiller in the head at point blank range. Tiller was a late-term abortion provider. Every pro-life leader and organization I know condemned the killing.

Article | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | January 8, 2014

Did Jesus Not Die on the Cross? (October 29, 2013)

Alan responds to a claim from the Qur’an that Jesus didn’t die on the cross. Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | October 29, 2013

Leverage That's Global

Alan's monthly letter for October 2013 Dear Friend, Christians in Egypt are suffering. Their country has had two violent revolutions and three presidents in the last two years. Currently, they have no president. Fifty churches have been burned in the last month, and scores of Christians were targeted for no reason. The country is in chaos. What can we do? Nothing. At least, that’s what it seems like. The reality is, however, you’ve already made a difference to Christians living in this hostile environment.

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | October 1, 2013

Leverage that's Global (October 1, 2013)

Alan responds to a claim from the Qur’an that Jesus didn’t die on the cross. Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Miscellaneous | Alan Shlemon | October 1, 2013