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Apologetics Is Simply a Means to This End

If you could move the conversation with your non-Christian friends in any direction, what would you talk about? Alan offers insight. 

Video | | Alan Shlemon | February 25, 2019

Christian Ambassadors Learn About Islam

Alan shares one of the first steps in sharing the Gospel with your Muslim friends.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | February 4, 2019

What Is Science? Define Your Terms

Alan encourages Christians to understand the two definitions of science in order to avoid confusion in conversation.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | January 28, 2019

Arguments Don't Have to Be Argumentative

Alan explains how to argue cordially and effectively.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | January 14, 2019

Are Humans Ensouled at Conception?

Alan discusses whether humans are ensouled at conception and what happens when an embryo twins.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | November 12, 2018

What Establishes a Marriage According to the Bible?

Even though marriage ceremonies today look a lot different from those in biblical times, the nature of what makes a marriage hasn’t changed.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | October 22, 2018

Does God Endorse Polygamy?

If God is opposed to polygamy, why does 2 Samuel 12:8 say that God gave David wives?

Video | | Alan Shlemon | October 1, 2018

One Reason the Bible Is More Trustworthy Than the Qur'an

Alan explains why the Bible is more historically reliable than the Qur'an. 

Video | | Alan Shlemon | September 10, 2018

Was Jesus Really Tempted If He Could Not Sin?

Alan helps clarify how it was possible for Jesus to truly experience temptation even though he never would have given into it.  Transcript: 00:01 Was Jesus really tempted if He could not sin? 00:07 Well, the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus was tempted. So in one sense, the 00:12 answer is clear, right? I mean, Hebrews 4:15 says, "For we do not have a high

Video | | Alan Shlemon | August 13, 2018

How to Discuss Controversial Issues in the Church

Alan shares 3 things to remember when discussing controversial issues with other Christians. 

Video | | Alan Shlemon | July 30, 2018