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#STRask - November 11, 2019

Alan fills in for Greg and answers questions about ethical objections to a woman giving birth to her sister’s embryo and whether women should be required to see an ultrasound before an abortion.

Podcast Episode | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | November 11, 2019

Alan’s Prison Visit

Alan talks about teaching at a prison and then answers questions about fostering/adopting under anti-Christian government policies, the basic beliefs of Christianity, and the millennial kingdom (short episode).

Podcast Episode | Ethics | Alan Shlemon | June 16, 2017

Challenge Response: Euthanasia Is a Fundamental Human Right

Here's my response to this week's challenge. Transcript: 0:06 Is euthanasia a fundamental human right? 0:10 Well this week's challenge says that it

Video | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | November 10, 2016

Is It Possible That God Permits Homosexuality Today Even If It Wasn't Permitted in the Past?

Alan responds to the claim that the Bible takes a progressive stance on past prohibitions, so therefore homosexuality is permissible today.  COMMENTS Read more posts 

Video | Ethics | Alan Shlemon | June 29, 2016

Alan Responds to Pat Robertson's Comments about the Orlando Shooting

Video | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | June 15, 2016

Challenge Response: Is Pig’s Meat Allowed Today or Not?

Here's my response to this week's challenge: COMMENTS Read more posts

Video | Ethics | Alan Shlemon | May 28, 2016

Quick Thoughts about Target and Transgender Use of Bathrooms and Fitting Rooms

Alan offers three quick thoughts about the recent statement made by Target to "welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity."

Video | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | April 26, 2016

Homosexual Couples and Adoption

Alan explains why adoption policies should be approached with the general best interest of children in mind rather than letting rare circumstances dictate. COMMENTS Read more posts

Video | Ethics | Alan Shlemon | March 31, 2016

Planned Parenthood Isn’t the Only Abortion Problem

Alan explains the benefit and possible downside of the recent videos exposing Planned Parenthood. Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Bio-Ethics | Alan Shlemon | October 5, 2015

What Is Sexual Atheism, and Why Is It Wrong?

Many Christians handle sexuality just like the rest of the world handles it - as if there are no standards. Alan explains why this is a problem for those who profess to be Christ-followers.  COMMENTS

Video | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | June 9, 2015