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How Is Christianity Different From Other Religions?

Alan unpacks the unique reality of Christianity, as compared to other world religions, as the only means of salvation.    Transcript: 00:07 How is Christianity different from other religions? 00:10 Well, Christianity is unique in that it puts 00:12 all of the work of salvation, of getting into heaven, 00:16 onto God instead of man.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | September 18, 2017

Did God Create Evil?

Alan offers biblical insights and perspective as he unpacks the question, “Did God Create Evil?”    Transcript: 00:06 Did God create evil? Well, Judeo-Christian theology teaches 00:11 that God made all things. Now many people conclude then that if 00:15 God made everything, then God made evil. And if God made evil then that would

Video | | Alan Shlemon | September 4, 2017

Navigating the Transgender Discussion

Here are five general guidelines that can help believers navigate their relationships with people who identify as transgender.

Article | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | September 1, 2017

An LGBT Defense Misses a Biblical Point

For Christ, the cross literally meant giving up everything, even His own life. He denied His own will to do the will of the Father. God expects no less from us when it comes to the matter of sex.

Article | Theology | Alan Shlemon | August 8, 2017

Proverbs Are Not Promises

Alan explains the meaning and purpose behind the genre of Proverbs.     Transcript: 0:00 Proverbs are not promises. Let me say that again, proverbs, in the Bible, are not promises 0:09 that God is required to satisfy for you. And this is important to understand 0:16 because there is this field of theology called hermeneutics, and hermeneutics is

Video | Theology | Alan Shlemon | July 17, 2017

All Truth Is God’s Truth

A true scientific discovery made by an atheist scientist is just as true as the biblical teaching that God is love or that Christ died for our sins. All truth is God’s truth.

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | July 1, 2017

Understanding Biblical Law

Alan uses a helpful analogy to explain the difference between the Mosaic Law and the New Covenant.   Transcript: 0:01 So I was recently asked a question about the nature of the Mosaic Law and new law. 0:06 You know, the Old Testament and the New Testament. And I've had a lot of people 0:10 ask me because they feel confused about how to understand these two, and so I

Video | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | June 26, 2017

Albania’s Hope Is the Gospel

Many young Albanians lack hope. Their country is reeling from the effects of communism, jobs are scarce, and their prospects for a prosperous future, even with a college education, are slim. But there is always hope in the Gospel.

Article | Miscellaneous | Alan Shlemon | June 8, 2017

The Cost Muslims Pay for Missing Jesus

Muslims hold a deficient and distorted view of Jesus. It’s a tragic case of mistaken identity with dire consequences. Here are three ways Muslims mistake the true Jesus.

Article | Theology | Alan Shlemon | May 1, 2017

Can Churches Discipline for the Sin of Homosexuality?

Church discipline isn’t a remnant of the first-century church. It’s a New Covenant principle that can and should be applied today.

Article | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | April 8, 2017