Guide to Exploring the New Website

A distinct quality of STR’s website is the amount of free content available to you. With hundreds of articles, hundreds of videos and podcasts, and thousands of blog posts, we’ve covered a wide variety of topics relevant to evangelism and making a defense for Christian belief and values.  You can navigate all of the content in the Explore section.

Some of the content you're used to visiting directly, you can find and bookmark here:


Greg's weekly broadcast podcast - We're still working on adding the archive of past podcasts

All of STR's podcast titles 

Solid Ground archives

We invite you to begin searching some of the Topics we address like:

You can also search by Author:

You can explore by content Format. Or any combination of Topic, Format, and Author.

You can search for any term you like by using the search box.

We hope this makes it easy for you to find STR's helpful resources.

If you’d like a suggestion of where to start, we’ve got some articles here.  (And suggestions for students here.)

We hope these hints help you navigate STR’s website and find just the information you need to represent Christ as His ambassador.

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Melinda Penner