20 Years of Impact

As Stand to Reason closes out it’s 20th anniversary year, I think of the multitudes of ordinary folk in STR’s ranks who’ve been standing faithfully where God has placed them.

In the long view, an organization’s success is not ultimately measured by its flashy triumphs—packed out venues, best-selling books, world-class web stats—but rather by the quiet victories of individual lives transformed through its faithful service.

Put another way, it’s not the occasional home runs that make a successful team, but rather the consistent singles and doubles it delivers every time at bat.

That’s what I think of as Stand to Reason closes out it’s 20th anniversary year, not the glitz or the glamour, but rather the multitudes of ordinary folk in STR’s ranks who’ve been standing faithfully where God has placed them. Listen to a few of their stories, in their own words:

As a foot soldier in the third column, I’ve benefitted from those who have led the charge, including you. It spurred me on to begin a monthly apologetics forum for women across Atlanta. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement in my life. I am ever grateful to you and to others who have given me the tools to be a small part of what the Lord is doing in this generation.—Jana

I was part of the youth group that went with STR to Berkeley in June. Your organization is outstanding for representing Jesus and furthering the Kingdom. It is a lifetime opportunity to learn from you.—Heidi

I was in Udaipur, India, last week and met a fellow at a restaurant who was teaching apologetics at a local Bible college. I asked if he knew of Greg Koukl and he responded, “I love his work!” Thanks to all of you at STR for your work that is making an impact in all corners of the world.—Jack

I forwarded your Deepak Chopra debate DVD to my boss who frequently throws me out of his office for talking about the Lord. He was convinced by Greg’s argument and changed his position on the validity of the Scriptures. After watching all of Greg’s video’s on YouTube, I decided to debate a few atheists on the web. They wanted to know what “brand” of Christianity I was because it didn’t sound “crazy.” Thank you for your commitment to God’s Word. It has fanned the flames of my faith into a roaring fire.—Tania

More ought to know about the work you do. Everything about STR is of the highest quality and reflects the values of our great God. Many thanks!—Debbie

We both serve as military musicians in Naples, Italy, so our job often keeps us from consistent fellowship at our church. STR podcasts and CDs have filled in those gaps. Soon we will be starting a weekly group to work through the “Ambassador” curriculum we got through the web site.—Luis and Sara

Finally, there’s this note from “down under”:

G’day, Greg. We met in 2005 in Toowoomba, Australia, and I have listened to every podcast since. I was 19 at the time and working in the video department of the church where you spoke. In many ways, what you and others spoke about that weekend allowed me to become a Christian. For the first time I saw that people could be smart at the same time as being Christians and, in fact, Christianity is the most logical answer to life’s really tough questions. All because years ago you left “a stone in my shoe.”

These “quiet victories” are just the tip of the iceberg. They are multiplied thousands of times over all around the world—individual people standing for Christ, able to stand because of what you have helped us do in their lives by God’s grace.

Wherever we go around the world, whoever we train, and whenever people open an STR resource or browse the webpage, you go with us, standing beside us through your support.

I closed Stand to Reason’s 20th anniversary conference in May with a keynote address titled, “Still Standing.” In it, I told of how small acts of faithfulness—one person standing at pivotal points in our history—have made a massive difference in STR’s story.

I’d like to send a CD of “Still Standing” to you as a token of our thanks for your generous gift as you stand with STR here at the end of 2013.

Speaking for myself and for our entire staff, thank you for your generous partnership in STR’s work. I hope the CD you receive will encourage you in your own quiet victories so that you will be found “still standing,” faithful wherever God has placed you.

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Greg Koukl