STR History

1993 | Stand to Reason was founded by Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl was a teaching pastor at Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, CA, for several years and began broadcasting on KBRT radio in 1990. Greg demonstrated a gift in teaching and education as he directed the adult education program at Hope Chapel.

In January of 1993, Greg was invited to teach at the Hindustan Bible Institute in India. Bobby Gupta, the visionary leader of that ministry, challenged Greg on that trip to expand his teaching opportunities by starting his own organization. When Bobby visited the U.S. in March of that year, he adamantly repeated his challenge to Greg over breakfast. Greg knew immediately he wanted to name the organization Stand to Reason. On May 1, he presented the idea of STR to a group of people who'd been part of prayer support for Greg's radio work, asking them two things: First, was this a good idea? Second, if it was a good idea, would they support it financially for a year? The response was enthusiastic and overwhelming. These people represented the "Founders" who gave their support in the first year of this new venture.

1994 | Greg Koukl became fulltime at STR

STR started at an extra desk in a crowded office at Hope Chapel. A year later, Greg left the staff of Hope Chapel to work fulltime for STR, and Melinda Penner left teaching to join the staff of two, plus many volunteers who helped get STR started.

1997 | STR moved to Lomita, CA

STR moved to larger, free lodging at First Baptist in Lomita, CA in 1997. Scott Klusendorf joined the staff of STR in October 1997 as our second speaker focusing on bio-ethics.

2001 | STR moved into its first office space

STR moved to its first real office space early in 2001, its current location. Scott has since started his own organization, Life Training Institute, and three other speakers have joined the staff to expand the work of STR: Brett Kunkle, Alan Shlemon, J.Warner Wallace. STR's support staff has grown to nine employees that keep STR functioning.

STR's speakers teach hundreds of times each year all over the U.S., Canada, and globally. Greg continues to do the weekly call-in program. And STR's website has become a critical aspect of its work, providing training to tens of thousands of visitors each month.

2013 | STR celebrates 20th anniversary and the launch of their new website and new broadcast.

May 1, Stand to Reason celebrates its 20th anniversary with the launching of its new website with a new, more attractive look and functional updates to improve user's online experience both on the site and in the store.  

May 7, Stand to Reason launched its new Tuesday night broadcast, streamed live on the web and Ustream from the new STR studio located in our Signal Hill office.