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If the percentage of people who identify as transgender is so small, why do all parents need to be concerned about the effect this topic will have on their children?
Brian Seagraves | Christianity & Culture | September 21, 2018
Many prosperity preachers teach that physical healing—in this life—was purchased for us in the atonement, but a closer look at the passages they cite doesn’t support this.
Tim Barnett | Theology | September 20, 2018
Science is good, but science isn’t everything. It’s one way to discover what is true, but it’s not the only way. To believe otherwise is to have a self-refuting view of knowledge.
Aaron Brake | Philosophy, Science | September 19, 2018
Our ability to explain the gospel depends on our culture’s ability to understand the concept of justice, but use of the term “social justice” has been causing our understanding of justice to drift.
Amy K. Hall | Christianity & Culture | September 18, 2018
Could Romans 5:18–19 be used to argue for universalism?
Greg Koukl | Theology | September 17, 2018
Muslims reject the idea that Jesus died on the cross, but the Bible says the cross reveals the essence of God’s love. Here’s why Jesus’ propitiation for our sins makes all the difference.
Amy K. Hall | Theology | September 14, 2018

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September 20, 2018
Greg answers questions about an alleged contradiction between God’s wrath and love, whether God needs believers to accomplish His purposes, whether apologetics can lead people to Christ, and more.
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September 19, 2018
Greg talks about an interview with Nancy Pearcey in Salvo Magazine then takes questions about the old earth view and whether or not heaven is a physical place.
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September 17, 2018
Greg answers questions about people in Hell, how we can get someone thinking about truth, going through a book of the Bible with an atheist, and why Christians react differently to suffering.
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What does it mean to be human? You can’t answer a single question of consequence regarding human beings without answering that question first. Everything vital, meaningful, and moral about us hangs on its answer.

Solid Ground | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 1, 2018

Why did God give us so many rules about sex?

article | Theology | Alan Shlemon | September 1, 2018

Everyone has a worldview, but a worldview is only a good one if it describes reality accurately. You can start helping your young children develop an accurate worldview.

blog_post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | February 22, 2018