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What issues tend to surface when non-Christians are asked what they think of Christians and Christianity? Dr. Plummer’s class assignment gives some insight into our culture.
Keith Plummer | Christianity & Culture | February 19, 2020
Can Ben Shapiro be saved if he sincerely follows the commandments of the Law?
Tim Barnett | Theology | February 18, 2020
Greg explains why a difference in size does not disqualify someone from being a person.
Greg Koukl | Bio-Ethics | February 17, 2020
Are we looking to politics to deliver something it can’t deliver? This is a question we should carefully consider as we enter this tension-filled election time, adjusting our passions and hopes appropriately.
Amy K. Hall | Christianity & Culture | February 12, 2020
With Darwin Day right around the corner, a popular-level article offers evidence that humans are “still evolving,” but what do they mean by “evolving”?
Alan Shlemon | Science | February 11, 2020
The book of Acts provides a recorded history of the vital role prayer played in the lives of the disciples. If we want improve our prayer life, it might be helpful to look to them for direction.
Tim Barnett | Theology | February 5, 2020


February 21, 2020
Greg talks to Mary Jo Sharp about her new book, Why I Still Believe: A Former Atheist’s Reckoning with the Bad Reputation Christians Give a Good God.
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February 20, 2020
Questions about what’s wrong with false teachers if they bring people to Jesus, how to approach someone who believes in the prosperity gospel, witnessing to people who hate God and Christianity, and whether God speaks to us through dreams.
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February 19, 2020
Greg talks about what we all know to be true about reality and how Christianity explains those things while atheism can’t.
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The evil one steals the gospel seeds we sow when the message is not understood. This is why we often need to do some spadework to prepare the ground before there can be a harvest—why we need gardeners as well as harvesters.

Solid Ground | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | January 1, 2020

Here’s a simple formula—a triad of tips—that will increase goodwill and improve harmony in every one of your relationships, especially your marriage.

article | Miscellaneous | Greg Koukl | February 1, 2020

Just as physical therapists can’t design a treatment plan for a patient unless they have a diagnosis, so we need to “diagnose” the reasons behind a person’s rejection of Christianity before we can respond.

article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | February 1, 2020