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Andy Stanley’s call for pastors to “unhitch [their] teaching of what it means to follow Jesus from all things old covenant” will, sadly, lead to a diminished view of God.
Amy K. Hall | Theology | November 13, 2018
Alan discusses whether humans are ensouled at conception and what happens when a zygote twins.
Alan Shlemon | Miscellaneous | November 12, 2018
Are you wary of apologetics because you fear turning into someone who is all head and no heart? Here’s why you need not fear this.
Amy K. Hall | Apologetics | November 8, 2018
The idea that human beings are basically good is making its way into the Church. Here’s why this belief is not only false but also an obstacle to the gospel of grace.
Aaron Brake | Theology | November 7, 2018
Something radical and amazing happens when people immerse themselves in the Bible—they are transformed. Here is one example of what that looks like.
Alan Shlemon | Apologetics | November 6, 2018
Is Christianity a science stopper or the modern science starter? Tim takes a look at what the history of science demonstrates.
Tim Barnett | Science | November 5, 2018

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November 12, 2018
Greg answers questions about the Mormon “burning in the bosom,” whether it’s unchristian to insult atheists, and whether Acts 14:22 teaches we have to suffer to enter the kingdom.
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November 9, 2018
Greg talks about a couple that was murdered by ISIS then takes questions on what to do if no churches nearby are doctrinally sound, a response to Hume’s empiricism, and how to understand Psalm 137:9.
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November 8, 2018
Greg answers questions about pursuing God’s presence, understanding the point of view of people in other identity groups, and his favorite book of the Bible.
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The question “Do you take the Bible literally?” comes up with some frequency, and it deserves a response. But it’s an ambiguous question, making it awkward to answer. Here’s how to understand the challenge and respond well.

Solid Ground | Theology | Greg Koukl | November 1, 2018

What is gender? Is it malleable? Does it matter which gender we identify with? How should Christians think about this subject? Here are two key points Scripture makes on this subject.

article | Theology | Alan Shlemon | November 1, 2018

If a member of your family has left Christianity, don’t let that cause a rift in your relationship. Here’s how you can respond as a faithful ambassador for Christ.

blog_post | Miscellaneous | Alan Shlemon | August 1, 2018