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Iron Curtain Diary

The totalitarian world Greg experienced as a young Christian while visiting fellow believers behind the Iron Curtain demonstrates an insight often quoted but frequently ignored: Ideas have consequences.
Tactics and Tools

Street Tactics – Part 5

The Trinity is a huge speed bump for many, especially atheists, Muslims, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here are some tactical questions you can use to show objectors the Trinity is a solution, not a problem.
Tactics and Tools

Street Tactics – Part 4

When you encounter these three common challenges, having a few good questions at the ready can help you navigate an otherwise difficult interaction graciously, safely, and effectively.
Tactics and Tools

Street Tactics – Part 3

There’s just one issue to resolve in the abortion debate, not many. Answering the one question “What is the unborn?” answers almost all the others. Here’s how you can use questions to explain the moral logic of the pro-life position to your friends.