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Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

Christians and Muslims both believe there is a deity who created the universe, administrates history, and judges human actions, but they believe differently in who fills that role.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | July 19, 2017

What Is the Trinity?

Few doctrines of the Christian faith are more essential than the Trinity, yet many people are deeply confused about its nature.

Blog Post | Theology | Tim Barnett | July 12, 2017

Engaging Disagreement Agreeably

Here are four tips from a professor of law and psychology at Yale Law School on how to have more productive conversations about differing views.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Melinda Penner | July 11, 2017

How Can Jesus Be God if He Doesn't Know the Time of His Return? (Video)

Tim responds to the challenge that Jesus can't be God if He's not omniscient.

Blog Post | Theology | Tim Barnett | July 10, 2017

#STRask - July 10, 2017

J. Warner Wallace is on a timer and answers questions about miracles, emotional barriers to Christianity, and getting an atheist’s attention to make a case for Christianity.

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | July 10, 2017

All Truth Is God’s Truth

A true scientific discovery made by an atheist scientist is just as true as the biblical teaching that God is love or that Christ died for our sins. All truth is God’s truth.

Article | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | July 1, 2017

So Many Religions—What Do We Do?

The existence of so many religions has prompted some to wonder how they should respond. Here's what we can't do in response, and here's what we should do.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | June 30, 2017

Are Singles Condemned to a Life of Loneliness?

Both Jesus and Paul spoke of (and lived) a life of singleness for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, and it wasn't a life of loneliness.

Blog Post | Theology | Amy K. Hall | June 29, 2017

Yes, You Have a Worldview

Some people take offense when we say everyone has a worldview, but it’s not an insult. Here’s what we mean by the term.

Blog Post | Philosophy | Amy K. Hall | June 28, 2017

How to Prepare Someone to Hear Evidence for Christianity

J. Warner Wallace talks about the basic rules of evidence and answers a question about John the Baptist’s objection to Herod’s marriage.

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | June 28, 2017