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Unstringing the Violinist

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I’ve always argued that the “complex” issue of abortion can be easily and radically simplified by pointing out that the morality of the pro-choice position hinges on the answer to only one question: What is the unborn? That simple, powerful, persuasive approach is precisely what makes philosopher Judith Jarvis Thompson’s famous “violinist argument” such a threat to the pro-life view. because she actually concedes the central point that pro-lifers seek to prove. Now what? Thompson’s “violinist” argument is one of the most compelling ever offered in favor of abortion on demand. In spite of it’s appeal, though, it’s deeply flawed. In this month’s Solid Ground, I show you precisely how it fails. There’s a lesson in critical thinking here, too, that you can apply to analyze any similar argument.

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Publication | Bio-Ethics, Christianity & Culture, Philosophy
Jan 1, 2014