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Interview: Dr. Scott Keith – The Reformation’s 500th Anniversary

Greg interviews Dr. Scott Keith of the 1517 Legacy Project on the people and ideas of the Reformation.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Christianity & Culture | July 26, 2017

Greg Is Back from Vacation

Greg talks about what he did during his vacation and then answers question about the image of God, IVF, Lewis’s trilemma, and Calvinism.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Bio-Ethics, Philosophy | July 21, 2017

Interview: Scott Ward – Religious Liberty and Living Faithfully in a Secular Culture

Greg talks to Scott Ward, a religious liberty lawyer, about what’s going on in our culture and how we can live in it as faithful Christians.
Greg Koukl | Christianity & Culture | July 19, 2017

Dr. Larry Hurtado – Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World

Greg and Amy interview Dr. Larry Hurtado on his book Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World.
Greg Koukl | Miscellaneous | July 12, 2017

Interview: Tony Reinke – 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

J. Warner Wallace interviews Tony Reinke on his book 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You.
Greg Koukl | Christianity & Culture | June 30, 2017

How to Prepare Someone to Hear Evidence for Christianity

J. Warner Wallace talks about the basic rules of evidence and answers a question about John the Baptist’s objection to Herod’s marriage.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Theology, Philosophy | June 28, 2017

Interview: Lisa Fields – Equipping Christians of African Descent to Defend the Faith

Melinda Penner and Amy Hall interview Lisa Fields, founder of the Jude 3 Project, an apologetics organization focusing on equipping Christians of African descent in the United States and abroad.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Christianity & Culture | June 21, 2017

Alan’s Prison Visit

Alan talks about teaching at a prison and then answers questions about fostering/adopting under anti-Christian government policies, the basic beliefs of Christianity, and the millennial kingdom (short episode).
Alan Shlemon | Ethics, Theology | June 16, 2017

Interview: Scott Keith – Being Dad

Alan Shlemon interviews Scott Keith, author of Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God’s Grace.
Alan Shlemon | Christianity & Culture, Theology | June 14, 2017

Thoughts about Marriage on Greg’s Wedding Anniversary

Greg gives his thoughts about marriage on his wedding anniversary then talks about D-Day (short episode).
Greg Koukl | Miscellaneous | June 9, 2017